About Us


Our history

It all started in 2008 when Martin Chavez opened Los Lagos Mariscos Mexican food restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Authentic Mexican food, a pleasant atmosphere and good service. We hope that our restaurant is a place where guests of all ages can come together to experience the unique flavors, along with the art and culture of Mexico, all in a casual setting. We want to thank our clients who during all these years have accompanied us in our continuous progress. God bless you!!


our values

  • We always treat everyone in our clients equally, with the utmost respect, knowing that each individual has a unique value.
  • We are dedicated to serving only fresh, freshly prepared food, keeping our restaurant impeccable, and providing professional service at all times.
  • We make a daily commitment to delight people with our dishes. Our guests feel the relaxed and energetic atmosphere that floods our restaurant.
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Favorite dishes

Shrimps Cucaracha


prepared oysters